Welcome to our resources for those getting going in pastoral care. In our churches, a significant proportion of pastoral care and discipleship comes peer-to-peer – from 1-to-1 mentoring relationships and in small groups. These resources are for those getting going in helping provide that sort of care and support for others.

There are 9 short videos, each less than 10 minutes, and each with notes if you prefer to read while you watch.

These resources can used in a variety of ways:

  • As a course, with a small group of people being trained together, with a facilitator. In this case we suggest taking three 90 minute sessions, and watching 3 videos in each, interspersed with discussion.
  • For one-to-one use, a trainee may watch a video or two, and then meet with a mentor to discuss.
  • Or, videos can be watched singly, to gain on-demand training for a specific matter, or to ‘fill in gaps’ in a trainee’s understanding.

The videos were updated in 2021, as we emerged from the constraints of the pandemic, to support people as mentoring relationships are refreshed and renewed now that we can meet face to face again.

We will redo these basic videos every so often, to keep them fresh, so please give us your feedback as you use them.

Also, links to more specialist resources will follow in due course.

A couple of points of terminology

Different churches use different words or phrases to describe pastoral care and discipleship, sometimes using words interchangeably and sometimes being very precise in what each word means. We know that different churches will have different models and structures for their pastoral care and discipleship and have tried to respect that in these videos. We trust you will understand our heart to train and equip the church to be disciples who make disciples.

  • We have tried to use disciple and discipler (where discipler can mean personal pastor, mentor etc).
  • Missional community, house group and small group are used interchangeably.

Please interpret as appropriate for your setting! (If anything is unclear please do get in touch)

Previous versions

For the 2019 pastoral training resources please click here.


Session 1: Introduction

View notes

Session 2: What is good pastoral care

View notes

Session 3: Getting started

View notes

Session 4: Your own relationship with God

View notes

Session 5: Their relationship with God

View notes

Session 6: Helping people grow

View notes

Session 7: Holistic discipleship

View notes

Session 8: Listening

View notes

Session 9: Moving forward

View worksheet (we recommend you take time to do this exercise well, in order to help you identify where you want to keep growing as this course comes to an end)