Resources to assist in the development and mentoring of preachers, from our September 2021 preachers’ training event.

How to use this resource

There are 6 videos, each around 30 minutes, with notes if you prefer to read while you watch.

These resources can used in a variety of ways:

  • As a course, with a small group of people being trained together, with a facilitator (for example, plan four 60 minute sessions – after an introductory session watch 2 videos each time and then meet, discuss and agree actions)
  • For one-to-one use, a trainee may watch a video or two, and then meet with a mentor to discuss.
  • Or, videos can be watched singly, to gain on-demand training for a specific matter, or to ‘fill in gaps’ in a trainee’s understanding.

Session 1: What we want from preaching

Session 2: Preaching God’s word

Session 3: Reaching people

Session 4: Shaping the talk

Session 5: Great delivery

Session 6: The life of the preacher

Bonus session: preaching with young adults in mind

Other resources

For older resources, including our 2015 course (led by Mike’s Beaumont), feedback forms and link to a Soul Survivor preaching course, please visit: