Upper Room is a leadership development programme supporting the growth of leaders who lead with faith, think biblically and relate graciously. It trains leaders in an integrated way: combining theology and practice; considering the whole of life; and transforming hearts and minds. Upper Room is centred on a discipleship group of 6-8 people, facilitated by a mentor, high quality self-study materials and regular day conferences.

Upper Room provides…

  • Integrated learning: leadership learning and theological education.
  • Strong partnership: churches working closely with the Upper Room team.
  • Flexible format: based around discipleship groups, with a range of self-study resources.
  • Mentors who are disciplers: learning for life guided by seasoned leaders.
  • Robust approach: evangelical and considered, encouraging critical thinking in a relational context.

To get a feel for the level of study involved, visit https://tinyurl.com/considerupperroom for a sample set of self-study notes. You will also find a course brochure, and content overview.

Interested in Upper Room 2022-24?

Ahead of the next Upper Room cohort starting in September 2022, there is one more taster Day Conference in May 2022. Details are here.

Dates for 2022-23 Day Conferences are

  • Sat 24 Sep 2022
  • Sat 7 Jan 2023
  • Sat 22 Apr 2023

For more information contact one of the following:

  • Oxford and Lifehouse: Steve Jones, Andy O’Connell or Dan Kirk
  • Roots & Rivers (West Oxfordshire): Paul Meathrel or Al Barnett
  • Opengate (South Oxfordshire): Nick White or Mike Ivey